“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”

There is no one else quite like you, just as there is no other drink quite like Sandara. Sandara originates in a space where emotion and experiences blend; a unique beverage. It’s fresh, with delicate bubbles, very aromatic and with a low alcohol content so you can enjoy it in those simple, challenging, creative moments, fully of haste and goals, of conversations with yourself and others, of time spent waiting while you rush here and there, when relaxing alone or with loved ones; all those moments in your daily life. Why not combine these wonderful moments with Sandara?

Discover Sandara, a world full of colour and positivity. Refreshing flavours that stay with you. A refreshing drink with low alcohol content and delicate bubbles.

You can share Sandara when in the best company or enjoy it alone in those moments that belong to you alone. Enjoying being alone is the ideal way to relax. Share these special moments with Sandara to experience a crescendo where time stands still and you are alone with your thoughts.

We have many good times with friends, moments of happiness, long conversations, memories… As well as snacks, lunches, dinners with conversations that trail into the night irrespective of the place or occasion, Sandara is the perfect partner.


Enjoy your Sandara moment!